Wish Craft Wood and Resin Charm Jewelry

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Try your hand at the newest crafting trend - resin! Just don work gloves, mix resin components into cups, use wooden sticks to stir, then pour into the included molds (wood pieces fit perfectly into the molds!) to create unique jewelry pieces. Adding dried flowers, stickers and glitter to the resin mixture guarantees that no two pieces will be the same. Kit comes with metallic floss, black cord, gold beads, jump rings and earring hooks.

Recommended for ages 8+

Why We Love It

Arts and crafts encourage creativity, but they do so much more too! Activities like beading and weaving promote fine motor skills and cognitive abilities like organizing and sequencing; drawing and painting help focus on detail-oriented tasks, visual-spatial orientation, and how to communicate through images; and clay-based kits encourage sensory stimulation and logical reasoning.