Wooden Ricetown Play Set

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This open-ended playset brings creativity and whimsy to any day! Starting with two 8x11 inch magnetic chalkboards, children can bring their own imaginative world to life - using the chalkboards as building bases or backgrounds to decorate with the included chalk, they can then arrange the 16 wooden pieces however they'd like. There are bowls for nesting and stacking, a scooter that any of the 3 characters can ride, houses and greenery elements.

Recommended for ages 3+

Why We Love It

The Noodoll brand was built on the ideas of imagination and collaboration, both of which we hold very dear! Each resident of Ricetown - the world inhabited by all these quirky characters - has a whole backstory, including their likes and dislikes and some of their favorite activities. As if this wasn't enough reason to love them, they even have an upcycling program where you can send them your old plush to be refurbished to continue their story with a new friend!