Add Items Add A plus symbol. Align Center Text alignment icon align center. Align Justify Text alignment icon align justify. Align Left Text alignment icon align left. Align Right Text alignment icon align left. Arrow First Arrow Last Arrow Next Arrow Previous Blank blockquote Bold Bubble Calendar Categories CCTs Settings Icon Custom content type settings icon. Check A checkmark symbol Check A checkmark symbol Clock Close confirm-check Categories Rearrange Drag Grip Six small circles arranged in a grid with three rows of two columns Edit Ellipses Error exclamation-point File Folder Open Icon for folders that are open. Folder An icon for folders. Grid An icon for grid view. Heading Level 1 Heading Level 2 Heading Level 3 Help Outline Help Solid Hidden html Italic image Info italic Item Layout link List An icon for list view. Categories Oracle Netsuite orderedlist Overview Pages Preview publish-big Publish Rearrange Up and down arrows next to horizontal lines. Remove An X symbol. Remove An X symbol within a circle revert Review Screen Size Search Settings A gear symbol shopping-bag Categories text Theme Settings Theme settings icon. to-bottom to-top Categories Triangle Triangle Down Triangle unorderedlist unschedule Upload Warning