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What is "It Takes a Village"?

“It Takes a Village” is a way to give back to our communities during these tough times. The current global pandemic has left many families in high-risk situations stuck at home without the resources, support, and routine normally provided by school or other programs. “It Takes a Village” works to provide these families with personalized care packages to brighten up a child’s day with fun, creative, and imaginative play items. As supporters of healthy play in child development, we see it as our responsibility to help make a difference by ensuring all children have access to healthy play toys and activities. After all, it takes a village to raise a child!

How does it work?

We've partnered with some amazing local nonprofit groups who help children in need in our communities. These organizations provide us with the age and interests of individual children who could benefit from our program. When a care package is donated, we create a curated gift based on the child's age and unique interests with a focus on entertainment items to help keep kids busy and having fun during quarantine. The package is then delivered directly to the child either through the nonprofit or shipped through the United States Postal Service, and playtime begins!

Who do the care packages go to?

Some of the care package recipients are living in low-income households who are missing the support of public schooling, and some are children of families experiencing homelessness. All care packages stay within our local communities on the north shore, in the great Boston area, or around Providence, Rhode Island. When we help the children of our communities, we make the entire community stronger!

How else does Henry Bear's Park Help?

Henry Bear's Park matches 25% of all donations raised -- so for every 100 care packages donated, we add another 25 care packages from our end. In addition, we take care of all the logistics such as coordinating with various non-profit partners and creating, packing, & shipping these to the families. Any “business” generated for Henry Bear’s Park will go only to pay the employees who are helping create and deliver these packages. We are not in this for any financial benefit to us. The only benefit we derive is knowing that we are doing our part to help those who need us the most right now.

A Few Testimonials

"At a time like this, it’s good to be reminded how good people are. Thank you for thinking of my kids and for giving them the opportunity to play."

"We would like to express our gratitude to the many people and organizations who have displayed such tremendous care and sensitivity to our family in this time of crisis. The toys were such a wonderful gift, and they are so very appreciated by our children!"

"In these isolating times, it is crucial for children of all ages to be playing with toys, using their imagination, thinking creatively, and truly having fun. Living in shelter is incredibly challenging, especially for children, but Henry Bear’s Park has given the opportunity for kids to just be kids."

How can you get involved?

Help us get the word out by sharing and liking our posts on social media

Contact us at customer_care@henrybear.com for more information on how to partner with us!

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