Product Availability Guidelines




Thank you for being a valued Henry Bear's Park customer!

In order to provide you with optimal shopping experiences, we have several local stores in the greater Boston area. We welcome you at our website and at each of our local stores. We ship all across the USA, and you can also order online and pick-up your orders at any of our stores.

We think you will find it helpful to know how we, as a small local business, approach the sometimes complex task of maintaining inventory for our local store and valued website customers.

Answers to common availability questions:

"Is this item available at the _______ store?"

  • An item that is listed on our website is not necessarily immediately available at each of our stores.
  • We list the general product availability status of each website product. View a product's full details page to see it Availability Status
  • Items are still subject to the 'first-come, first-served' rule, so even an item that we show as Likely Available at Every Store could be bought out by a local shopper who "just had to have 20 of those items for a party!"
  • If you want to guarantee an item's availability before driving to one of our stores, please call ahead. One of our team members will happily check it, and pull an item off the shelf to save it for you. We can keep an item on hold for up to a week. 


"How soon can I pick up my web order at the store?"

  • Typically, all local pick-up web orders area available for you within 24 hours,
  • We will email you as soon as the order is ready, but we like to be flexible:
  • If you need it sooner, Please call the local store. They may be able to have it ready for you much sooner. We just need to know if your kid "needs it right now!" :-)
  • When online orders are for item(s) that are not available at the store where you want to pick it up, we will email you to let you know how long it will take us to pull together the item(s) from our various stores.


A good rule of thumb to make sure you are totally happy with your Henry Bear's Park experience:

Please call ahead if you have not yet received direct confirmation that your items are all ready for you.