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Top 10 Stay-at-Home Ideas

Times can get tough when school is out and kids are in and you're caught without a plan. The same activities day after day can get dull, and it can get more and more tempting to turn to screen time to keep kids occupied. But not to worry! We've put our heads together at Henry Bear's Park and come up with this list of our Top 10 suggestions for ways to keep busy at home without screens! Let us know if you try any of them out on Facebook or Instagram! Good luck, and remember: We're all in this together!

1. Puzzle Piece Hunt

Make a puzzle more challenging by hiding the pieces around the house first! Create a scavenger hunt with clues or simply play "hot or cold" as kids search.

2. Board Game Time

Board games are a great alternative to screens, but if you're short on players, consider playing over Skype or Facetime with a far off friend!

3. Swap Coloring Pages

Draw a picture with a thick black marker, and ask a friend to color it in! Consider swapping pages with a friend through the mail to stay in touch!

4. Try a New Recipe

Real or imaginary, cooking up something new is always fun! Letting kids help in the kitchen is empowering and helps create healthy habits.

5. Put on a Play

Turn a favorite book or story into a play starring your favorite stuffed animals, siblings, parents or pets. All the world's a stage!

6. Play Outside

Outside time helps boost moods and immune systems, so grab an outside toy and get some fresh air whenever you can!

7.Get Crafty

Odds and ends around the house can make great craft supplies, or you can get a kit with everything you need to make a fun guided project!

8. Write a Sequel

Don't let the fun stop with the final page or when the credits roll - write a sequel (or prequel) to your favorite book or movie!

9. Science Experiment

Learn something new with a science experiment! Many experiments require ingredients you probably already have around the house, or you can get a kit with all the supplies.

10. Dress up for Dinner

Host a "fancy dinner party" just for your household. Have everyone dress up in thier favorite outfit no matter how silly!

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