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Trick or treating safely might be extra tricky while maintaining social distancing this year. But don't be frightened! We've put together a few of our favorite alternative activities to help celebrate the spirit of the spooky season safely! Pick your favorite activity or pick a few for a day of Halloween fun. Who knows - you might discover a new family favorite Halloween tradition!

Hunt for Mini Pumpkins or Glowsticks

Hide mini pumpkins around the yard or house and have little ones scout them out for a prize once they've found them all! For extra fun, decorate the pumpkins with paint, stickers, and other stick on decorations either before or after the hunt. Older kids may have fun hunting for glow sticks hidden in the dark. Just be sure to remember how many pumpkins or glowsticks you hid in the first place so you don't forget any in the yard.

Digital Costume Party

Host a socially distanced neighborhood costume party either outside or on Zoom! At the beginning, kids can try to guess who's dressed up as what. Kids can then take turns presenting their costumes and explaining why they chose to dress up as they did. Consider giving out awards for the spookiest, the cutest, and the most creative costumes. Wrap up the whole shebang with a socially distant group dance to the Monster Mash!

Spooky Piñata

If you're feeling extra creative, create your own cardboard piñata with an old box and some construction paper! Get the kids involved with the piñata crafting for some extra family time fun. Then when you're done, fill the box with candy or small Halloween goodies, and let the kids go to town beating it open with sticks or bats! You could also save yourself some work and buy a pre-made piñata from the local grocery or party store and simply add some spooky paper details if they don't have any Halloween themed shapes available.

Bobbing for Doughnuts

A sweeter and easier alternative to bobby for apples! Tie a loop of yarn or twine through the center of a doughnut and string the doughnut from a tree branch or beam outside so it hangs at about eye level. Let kids race to see who can finish their doughnut bite by bite from the string without using their hands, or take turns cheering each other on. Extra points if you decorate your doughnuts to be spooky!

Have a Spooky Dinner Party

Cook a dinner of mad scientist worthy experiments for your family! Spaghetti and meatballs can become worms and eyeballs with a little mozzarella and black olives. Shape a meatloaf (or veggie loaf) like a foot with carrot stick toenails. And for desert, add some green food coloring to vanilla pudding or ice cream for a slimy treat or decorate gingerbread person cookies into little zombies!

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