LEGO Creator Wild Safari Animals

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Kids can build and rebuild 3 different models using the same bricks in this Creator Wild Safari Animals 3 in 1 set. Enjoy fun stories with 3 different sets - a giraffe with a flamingo, 2 gazelles, and a lion with a tree and a butterfly. The giraffe can move its legs, long neck, tail and ears, the 2 gazelles can move their legs, neck and ears, and the lion can move its legs, tail and paws.

Recommended for ages 9+

Why We Love It

The Lego brick might be the most instantly recognizable toy in the world! Around since 1949, Lego is a favorite in our stores. We love that they continue to make basic brick boxes for completely open-ended play, more guided kits for those who want to recreate a scene from their favorite movie or TV show, and now an increasing number of sets that adults can enjoy.