Fox Is Late

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Fox stirs up trouble as he races off to lunch on his skateboard.
Go, Fox! Go! Late for lunch, Fox zips past all his animal friends on his skateboard. A kick flip over Rabbit and a nose slide on Elephant and he’ll be there in no time. Unknown to Fox, he’s not only racing time but escaping a growing angry mob of friends giving chase! Fox’s antics make for an action-packed and laugh-inducing tale perfect for beginning readers.

Recommended for ages 4+

Why We Love It

It's never too early to start the tradition of reading to a child! Storytime creates lifelong memories as well as providing youngsters with a wider vocabulary and more confident communication skills. Whether board books for infants, picture books for toddlers and young children, or early readers and chapter books for more confident readers, putting a book into a child's hands expands the boundaries of their imaginative possibilities.