How Do You Go to Sleep?

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How do YOU go to sleep?
Is a tree your cozy bed?
Do you turn purple, orange, and red?
Rest your head upon your back?
Sleep with others in a stack?

Follow along as three children learn about the bedtime routines of squirrels, parrots, dolphins, and many more. Meerkats sleep in a stack. Is that how these kids go to sleep? Or do they hibernate in snow all winter long like frogs? Or maybe they sleep the day away like skunks? No, that can't be right! By the book's conclusion, the kids have imitated all kinds of animals who are portrayed sleeping in their natural habitats, thanks to the charming illustrations. Readers will recognize the way the human child eventually goes to sleep - with stuffed animals, a bedtime story, and a kiss good night!

Recommended for ages 3+

Why We Love It

It's never too early to start the tradition of reading to a child! Storytime creates lifelong memories as well as providing youngsters with a wider vocabulary and more confident communication skills. Whether board books for infants, picture books for toddlers and young children, or early readers and chapter books for more confident readers, putting a book into a child's hands expands the boundaries of their imaginative possibilities.