MB Sprinter Transporter with Roadster

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Two fantastic vehicles at once! The Sprinter car transporter has an accurately detailed platform, doors with interior panelling, light and sound module, and cable winch that rescues all vehicles in need. The side-mounted tool boxes are used to stow the wheel chocks and the access ramps can also be pushed directly into the chassis. Included roadster features a detachable roof and can accommodate any Bworld figure (sold separately). For even more playing enjoyment, the vehicle has the new wheel change system installed.

Recommended for ages 4+

Why We Love It

When playing with toy vehicles, there's more than meets the eye! Kids are enjoying pretend play, and learning about the cause and effect of making a wheeled or flying machine go, but they're also intuitively making calculations about weight, speed and basic physics, strengthening their motor skills, and improving balance and coordination.