Outdoor School Spot and Sticker Butterflies and Moths

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An exquisite collection of more than four hundred artful stickers inspired by vintage nature guides, with a spot-them-all poster!
Finally—a sticker book for the curious and the adventurous. Outdoor School delivers the natural wonders of the world in gorgeous, scientifically accurate stickers. Peel and place each sticker on the pull-out poster once you’ve seen each butterfly or moth - or simply decorate your surroundings to make a fluttering paradise.

Recommended for ages 8+

Why We Love It

After winter's long chill, nothing beats the thaw and first signs of spring! We love gardening kits and insect habitats that introduce children to botany and life science concepts; kites, sidewalk chalk and bubbles for a return to outdoor play; and books and stuffed animals highlighting the cutest blooms, birds, bugs and barnyard favorites.