Rainbow Loom Beadmoji Deluxe

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Rubber band bracelets are back! The Rainbow Loom is an easy to use jewelry tool that makes bracelet crafting a breeze. Simply decide on the bracelet style, select colors, and start weaving. Kids will love making bracelets for themselves or as gifts for their best friends. Set contains over 2200 latex-free rubber bands, 50 colored C clips, 240 fun Beadmoji beads, 2 speed looms and dual hooks, and instructions, all in a resealable carry case.

Recommended for ages 7+

Why We Love It

Rainbow loom is a trend we thought had moved on, but it's still here - and this kit is the best of its kind. The rubber bands are strong, the hook makes it easy for beginners to learn the basics of rubber band bracelets, and the beadmoji pieces add a trendy Gen Z twist to the finished product.