Rainbow Unicorn Rescue Game

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Quick, to Unicorn Meadow! The rainbow unicorns have been kidnapped! In this board game created by two sisters, players must navigate a rainbow path through a fanciful landscape by spinning on each turn. If the spinner lands on a color, they move to the next square of that color; but if it lands on a rainbow, they must pull a chance card and do exactly what it says. The first player to make it all the way to Unicorn Meadow and grab the final rainbow wedge wins! For 2-4 players. Fans of Dinosaur Escape and Candy Land will enjoy.

Recommended for ages 4+

Why We Love It

Games are a great way to bring families together! Social games encourage communication and bonding, logic and strategy games teach planning and reasoning skills, games of luck introduce the element of surprise and remind everyone how to win and lose graciously - and all games offer practice at following rules, taking turns, and working together.