Ravine Game

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Could you and your friends survive together in the wild? That's the premise of Ravine, a witty and subversive cooperative game. At the start of the game, players have just survived a plane crash and must figure out how to stay alive, by foraging for food, building shelter, and making fire. But Night and Madness cards lie in wait, ready to create chaos and pick off players. Lose all of your hearts and you're out. Survive all of your Night cards and you win! For 3-6 players. Fans of Ultimate Werewolf and Pandemic will enjoy.

Recommended for ages 12+

Why We Love It

We absolutely adore Ravine. When we first got it in, we immediately opened a copy so we could all play ourselves! The gameplay itself is pretty easy to master, and it's full of tongue-in-cheek humor that makes it a blast to really get into character. It makes a great icebreaker with quick rounds and the ability to play selfishly or for the good of the group. Plus the pieces are lovely and super easy to pack up and carry to game night anywhere!