Flashlight Walkie Talkies Black

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These twin talkies are essential for any young spy or survivalist! Communicate clearly from either side of the park or playground across various frequencies. With a built in flashlight, they can even be used for night missions! Do you copy? Set includes 2 walkie talkies with belt clips.

Recommended for ages 6+

Product Specifications

Requires 4 AAA batteries for each (not included).

Why We Love It

We've been burned before when it comes to "toy" walkie talkies, but there is no doubt that these are the best we've ever tested! The range is truly exceptional - up to 5 km - and the sound quality is crisp and clear, without any of the crackling and static of many other amateur models. Need more than two walkie talkies? They can even be synced up in multiples so that entire groups can communicate on one channel.