STMT DIY Marbling Art Studio

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An ideal introduction to marbling! This kit contains everything needed to design and create up to 12 works of art, including a canvas and jewelry dish. Simply add marbling ingredients to the basin, swirl as desired, dip paper or canvas into the basin and lift out! Then etch or apply glitter, gold flake and gemstones to further customize your work. Set includes basin, gloves, tools, paintbrush, 5 colors of marbling paint, marbling powder, glue, confetti, glitter, gold flake, gemstones, 10 sheets of watercolor paper, stretched canvas, and jewelry dish.

Recommended for ages 8+

Why We Love It

This marbling studio is so much fun! Our favorite part is that it's an ideal mix of guidance and creativity - the canvas and jewelry dish provide a surface for the marbling, but within that there are so many opportunities for artists to design their own unique pieces.