Tegu 42-Piece Set Tints

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The 42 piece set offers the best of all Tegu has to offer. It incorporates nine unique shapes, including the wildly addictive magnetic wheels. Whether it's creating a scaling tower, a whimsical animal, or speeding away with detachable magnetic wheels, it offers limitless play to encourage the budding genius in every child. Blocks come in nine shapes: tall columns, medium columns, short planks, long planks, mega planks, cubes, parallelograms, short angles, and wheels.

Recommended for ages 1+

Why We Love It

Tegu blocks are one of our favorite infant toys, thanks to their calm color palettes, smooth handcrafted construction and open-ended play possibilities for very young children. But we also love that as a company Tegu is committed to using sustainable materials and ensuring stable jobs at a living wage for the people of Honduras.