Tegu 42-Piece Set Tints

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The 42 piece set offers the best of all Tegu has to offer. It incorporates nine unique shapes, including the wildly addictive magnetic wheels. Whether it's creating a scaling tower, a whimsical animal, or speeding away with detachable magnetic wheels, it offers limitless play to encourage the budding genius in every child. Blocks come in nine shapes: tall columns, medium columns, short planks, long planks, mega planks, cubes, parallelograms, short angles, and wheels.

Recommended for ages 1+

Why We Love It

Building toys are fantastic for providing lessons in cause and effect, spatial reasoning, problem solving and decision making, as well as fine motor skills! Building can be an open-ended activity, or it can be guided by an instruction manual - both styles of play offer value, as open-ended building encourages creativity while guided building teaches kids how to follow directions, physically replicate what they see, and troubleshoot issues that arise.