Playmobil Wiltopia - Anteater Care

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Help the anteater find its baby in Anteater! With a quick search of the habitat, kids can find the baby eating among the plants on the ant hill and quickly return it back to its grown-up. The anteater figure's long tongue is movable and can be pulled out so that it can "eat" the sticker ants. Using the enclosed collectible anteater animal card with the Wiltopia app, kids can learn all about the animals and their habitats and even take a selfie by projecting the animals via AR.

Recommended for ages 4+

Why We Love It

Dolls and figural playsets allow children to create and act out stories. They can imitate what they see in their everyday lives, replicate a scene from their favorite show, or imagine something completely new. Playing with figures also fosters social and emotional awareness, and encourages kids to practice empathic and caretaking skills.