It's that time again! We get to cast our ballots at Henry Bear's Park to decide which cute candidate will represent our interests in the HBP Park of Representatives once again! This year it will be a tight race between two more than qualified candidates - Batricia Addams and Gourdon MacDonald! Read more about each candidate below to help decide who YOU will vote for!

Batricia Addams

"Batty" to her friends, Batricia Addams is a real night owl! Often working late into the night, she can't sleep until she's finished whatever task she has set for herself. Her platform includes:

• Free bugs for everyone
• Longer naptimes
• Later bedtimes
• A ban on garlic

That last one seems odd, but it's probably nothing! If elected, Batricia has vowed to bring positive change for all the critters at Henry Bear's Park, but especially the Critters of the Night.

Gourdon MacDonald

Old Gourdon MacDonald may be a fresh face at Henry Bear's Park, but he's no Spring Chicken - he's a Fall Vegetable! Or is he a fruit? We haven't been able to get him to commit to an answer. His platform includes:

• No more vegetables at meal time
• Year-round access to hay rides
• Longer recess
• A ban on jack-o-lanterns

That last one seems a little harsh, but we can't really blame him, can we? If elected, Gourdon has pledged to be the best and juiciest Henry Bear's Park representative ever!

Now that you've met the candidates, do you have a favorite? Is there one you're leaning toward over the other? There's a lot to decide before casting a vote and it's important to really know what you stand for so that you select the right candidate for you.

Need some extra help deciding? Check out our selection of Books on Good Citizenship and the voting process!

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