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Winter Wellness Tips

As sunshine begins to get scarce, you might need a plan to stave off the winter blues. And with social gatherings a less reliable source of comfort and fun this year, you might need a backup idea or two. Here are a few techniques for kids and adults alike to help us all keep calm and carry on this winter.

1. Start a Journal

Sometimes just getting swirling thoughts out of our heads and on paper can help us sort our what we're feeling. Encouraging kids to keep a journal will help them stay in touch with their emotions and also provide perspective as they revisit old entries.

2. Make a Calm Down Jar

Mix one part school glue with 3 parts warm water and glitter in a tightly sealed jar to create a great tool for kids to focus on and engage with when they're feeling anxious. Break it out at bedtime to help the worries of the day drift away, or encourage kids to practice deep breathes as they turn the jar and watch the glitter swirl.

3. Take a Nature Walk

Spending time in nature helps to combat feelings of hopelessness and has the added benefit of fresh air and physical activity. Try to make getting outside a regular part of your routine no matter the weather. Sometimes the best part of going outside is coming back in which can help re-frame feelings of being trapped in your physical space.

4. Practice Kindness for Others

Doing something nice for others is a great way to help someone else and help yourself at the same time! Make a card for an essential worker or donate food or clothing to a local shelter. Thinking about the needs of others helps to put our own worries in perspective and can help life our own spirits when we're feeling down.