Airfort Mushroom House

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Indoor fun just got a whole lot more interesting! The Mushroom House AirFort inflatable tent for kids is made from a lightweight polyester material that inflates in less than 30 seconds using only a portable fan (not included). It has no floor, so super easy for kids to crawl in and out, and with dimensions of over 6 feet wide and over 4 feet high, there's room for everyone in the family to join!


Recommended for ages 3+

Why We Love It

Lightweight, easy to put up and put away and take anywhere, Air Forts are an innovative version of the classic blanket fort. The first time we saw an Air Fort in person, taking shape instantly with just a simple box fan, we knew it was ideal for our families - it inspires imagination, can hold multiple kids at once, and doesn't take up needless storage space.