Beep N Buy Cash Register

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Whether practicing math or playing grocery store, kids will have fun with math! This kid's play cash register has all the fun aspects - double-sided cards to replicate a screen, swiper for credit cards, scanner with light and sound effects. But with its fully functional solar-powered calculator, it also has serious math credentials. Kids can add up purchases, multiply and divide quantities, and subtract to make change. Set includes play money (9 coins and 9 bills), bank card and sticker sheets for personalizing grocery lists.


Recommended for ages 3+

Product Specifications

Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

Why We Love It

Money skills and pretend play? We love this combo! The cash register functions as a pretend grocery store component, calculator, and bank, helping kids store and keep track of money (pretend or their own!) while mastering skills like first math, planning and social interaction.