Atomic Force Game

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May the (atomic) force be with you! Atomic Force is a game that makes everyone feel like a real chemist. Each player chooses an atomic avatar and moves around the board collecting the necessary protons, neutrons and electrons to build 3D atoms. With a data sheet and periodic table, kids learn chemistry fundamentals while having fun! First player to get to the finish line wins. For 2-3 players.

Recommended for ages 6+

Why We Love It

Toys and activities that are explicitly intended to teach specific skills can still be fun! Pretend cash registers and money-exchange games strengthen counting and math skills while offering opportunities for imaginative play; activity books come in a variety of themes that allow children to explore a favorite topic while practicing the ABCs, handwriting or pen control; and Mad Libs and joke books are ideal for family bonding and laughter while stealthily teaching kids about parts of speech and the rhythms of language.