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Paint by Sticker Kids Mermaids and Magic

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This book includes everything kids need to create ten bright and magical images, including mermaids, unicorns, crystal balls, Pegasus, and more! Step 1: Find the sticker. Step 2: Peel the sticker. Step 3: Place the sticker. Add the next, and the next, and watch your paintings come to life! All the pages are perforated, making it easy to tear out each finished work to frame and share! Includes glitter stickers.

Recommended for ages 5+

Why We Love It

Paint by Sticker books are a fantastic mix of creativity and logic, almost like an art puzzle! With titles aimed at all ages, we love that the Paint by Sticker line encourages both the artistically minded and the more logical among us to sit down and focus on assembling a beautiful image, one sticker at a time.