Simple Math Bingo

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Get those early math skills going! Simple Math Bingo is cleverly designed with double-sided boards so children can choose to solve addition or subtraction problems all in the same game! Draw a tile and reveal a number. Does it answer a problem on your board? A little mental math will make it clear! Be the first player to fill their lotto board to win. Printed in vibrant colors and illustrated with animal friends for easy counting, Math Bingo makes it easy for children of all ages and abilities to play. The speed of the solution is not what's important, just accuracy!

Recommended for ages 5+

Why We Love It

We love how Eeboo, a woman-owned company, is always surprising and exciting us with their artistic choices. Though the play patterns (arts and crafts, games, puzzles) are classic, Eeboo's in-house artists and designers make each item feel specially crafted for a new generation of children. Plus check out the playlists they've begun curating for each designer!