Bruder Cat Mini Excavator

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Realistic, functioning details on this 1:16 scale, Cat Mini Excavator Toy, high quality machine lets it swivel and work just like the real ones! The excavator's arm dips below vehicle level, its plough blade raises and lowers, and its cab turns 360 degrees. This Bruder Cat excavator is made of durable ABS plastic and can be used indoors or out. Let's get to work! 

Recommended for ages 3+

Product Specifications

The Bruder Cat Mini Excavator features:
  • Bucket arms that swivel by an additional 180 degrees.
  • Moveable shovel
  • Engine bonnet that can be opened
  • The plough blade is height-adjustable and can be raised/lowered and locked in position
  • Doors that open and close
  • Genuine chain links (not rubber treads)

Why We Love It

To us, Bruder is the gold standard when it comes to play vehicles! This German brand makes highly-detailed, realistic cars and trucks for all settings - emergency vehicles, farming equipment, construction trucks, even snow and watercraft! Each vehicle is made to exacting standards to be able to hold up to years of active play.