Dig It Up Shipwreck Necklace Discovery

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Shark and ocean lovers will adore cracking into this giant shipwreck excavation! Use the included chisels and hammer to chip away and unearth 13 mystery necklace components hiding within, from secret key to shark's tooth to maze talisman. Clean with the included brush and then learn about the history and mysteries of shipwrecks on the fun-fact poster. For extra fun, there's a second mini shipwreck to dig into!

Recommended for ages 4+

Why We Love It

Science doesn't just belong in the classroom! No matter the topic, from polymers and putties to electronic circuits and outer space, conducting science experiments at home teaches kids how to ask questions, formulate hypotheses, follow detailed instructions, work with units of measure, practice observation, and assimilate new information into their existing knowledge bank.