Yoto Disney 5 Minute Sleepy Time Stories

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What a perfect storytime add-on to a Yoto Player! This plastic card, when inserted into a Yoto or Yoto Mini, plays four 5-minute long bedtime stories, all based on classic Disney characters: Ducky and Bunny's Big Plan (Toy Story 4), Family Game Night (Frozen 2), Mickey and the Kitten Sitters (Mickey and Friends), and Scamp the Hero (Lady and the Tramp). Running time 25 minutes.


This is an accessory piece and requires the Yoto or Yoto Mini Player (sold separately).


Recommended for ages 4+

Why We Love It

Audio players and musical instruments (real and toy versions) introduce children to the joy of music and the basic understanding of concepts like tempo, rhythm, and pitch. Both playing and listening to music encourage motor skills, in the form of finger/hand placement and coordination and also the balance and bodily awareness involved in dancing.