Stomp the Plank Game

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Plundering elephants?! Stomp the Plank features elephant pirates, stealing loot from Captain Giraffe. On each turn players can take as many cards as they want from the captain's chest, adding crates to their opponents' planks in an attempt to send them overboard. But watch out, if the same card is pulled twice in a single turn the elephant stomps on your plank! Whoever stays aboard with the most loot wins! For 2-4 players. Fans of Uno and Kraken Attack will enjoy.

Recommended for ages 5+

Why We Love It

Games are a great way to bring families together! Social games encourage communication and bonding, logic and strategy games teach planning and reasoning skills, games of luck introduce the element of surprise and remind everyone how to win and lose graciously - and all games offer practice at following rules, taking turns, and working together.